Let the Games Begin!

You are invited to join The Champions Circle

60 Day Personal Champion Challenge:
Passion and Focus Group Mentorship for Winning Women
with Veronica Karaman, Your Champion-Mindset Coach


An 8-week program of mindset, skillset, and peak performance coaching empowering you to stop wishing and start achieving your goals and dreams. The Champion Circle Mentorship will empower to you:

This 8 session mentorship is designed to help you implement your personal championship.  Veronica will take you through the 6 step personal champion process and provide the support, encouragement, and accountability you need to actualize your championship.  For 30 Days you will live at the highest level—acting on the champion within.  You will receive support from Veronica, the group, and also your personal focus partner assigned to you.  Together we will win!
The mentorship includes:

  1. 1 one-on-one private session with Veronica to craft and “hone” your championship (30 minutes each).
  2. 7 weekly group coaching calls via teleconference (via the phone). 

Each coaching call is 1 hour in length and includes training and dialogue time.

  1. Can’t make the session live? No problem.  Sessions will be audiotaped and sent to you via email.
  2. Benefits of a peer mentor with whom you will be assigned.
  3.  Culminating celebrative play day in Pinehurst (optional, green fees additional).

The True Champion System:  6 Steps to Peak Performance:

  1. Creating your true champion identity profile.
  2. Discovering and honoring your true champion dream.
  3. Designing your personal championship course.
  4. Identifying your personal drivers (motivation).
  5. Activating your 4 champion zones (process-oriented goals) for target orientation.
  6. Creating your “caddy club” support system.


WEEK 1:  Setting up your personal championship – the process
WEEK 2:  One-on-one sessions to design your championship/becoming clear
Either golf or other area of wellness/personal/professional achievement.
WEEK 3:  The spiritual zone – higher purpose motivations, overcoming limiting beliefs,
discovering your  true champion identity
WEEK 4:  The emotional zone -  moving from disempowering to empowering emotions
WEEK 5:  The emotional zone, part II
WEEK 6:  The mental zone -  moving into superior focus
WEEK 7:  Process-oriented goals: The Physical -  breaking patterns
WEEK 8:  Debriefing and celebrations

What others are saying:

“Thanks to The Champions Circle, I finished 4th in the GA State Championship, playing with the single digit handicappers as a double digit handicapper.  My playing partners  couldn’t believe it!  Veronica helped me to focus on my goal and then provided accountability and support to practice as I knew I should.”  Carmen A.

“Thanks to the True Champion coaching process, I went from shooting in the 90’s and 100’s to now shooting in the 80’s in just several weeks.”  Debbie G.

“I improved my handicap by 3 strokes in 8 weeks thanks to just 2 sessions of Veronica’s mental game coaching.” Sue L.

“Thanks to one swing thought from Veronica’s True Champion Coaching, I took 5 strokes off my handicap this summer!”  Pat Sutton

“I had a very busy summer with lots of travel and dealing with many family challenges.  Even through all of that, I improved my handicap 3 strokes. Thanks Veronica!”  Pam Fisher

“I highly recommend the True Champion Coaching to any competitor.  Veronica helped me to uncover a dormant dream and have the courage it took to pursue it.  I lowered my handicap in one season from a 7 to a 5. More than it, it was a game-changer in my life and the way I saw myself as a champion.  I’m 68 years old and still in the game!”  Sandi T.

“Thanks to your coaching, my daughter out-performed herself with the best competitive score of her career.  We created a great family memory on the course and look forward to coming back next year.”  Bob G., 2007 U.S. Kids World Championship Father

“Allysa’s goal was to finish 10th. Thanks to the True Champion Coaching process, she finished 6th, and is still making birdies for Grandma as her driving motivation!  We had a great time!”  Michelle, Canada

“After just 2 coaching sessions, Brendon, our 12 year old, shot the best round of his life, a 66, and won the big GAO tournament.  We are thrilled!”  Shannon S.