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"Being a champion is not a trophy you achieve, but an identity you realize – and live out daily. It’s a matter of who you are. I believe there is a champion in everyone. It’s my passion and purpose of True Champion Coaching to help you discover the true champion in you!"

The uniqueness and power of the True Champion process is that it approaches peak performance from a whole person perspective.  One of the greatest missing elements in personal achievement development today is developing the soul of a person—the nurture aspect—along with mindset and goal-setting coaching.  The True Champion coaching process adds identity, higher purpose, and creating support systems (the caddy club) along with champion mindsets, and mental and emotional toughness training.  The 7-step signature process is relationship-based, growth-oriented and focuses on the identity formation of a person as a champion.

Individual, group, academy, and customized corporate programs are available for athletes, students, individuals and teams.  Veronica is also available for keynote speeches.

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Here is a Meghan, a True Champion Student who just won her first golf tournament!  Congratulations, Meghan!




Professional Coaching


Personal Coaching
"Veronica’s encouragement has greatly impacted my life and allowed me to move through a very difficult personal crisis with integrity and renewed hope. I have grown spiritually, professionally, and relationally as a direct result of Veronica’s coaching in my life.”
Dr. Trina Young

Academic Coaching
“The truths Veronica taught me have impacted me so greatly that I plan on using them for the rest of my college career and life.”
Tina C., college freshman

Golf and Professional Coaching
“One of the greatest impacts on my life and profession is the motivational gifts assessment I took that helped me understand my unique motivational gifting, and how I could better relate to others. As a result of Veronica’s coaching, my marriage relationship is enhanced, I have restored positive energy to move forward in my life and profession, and enjoy much greater self-understanding. I’ve gone from being unstuck to feeling forward momentum. I even broke 80 for the first time on the golf course!”
Troy Knapp, Engineer

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Leadership and Motivational Speaker

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God's Way to an A and
Academic Champion Coaching Club

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Coach Offerings

Breakthrough to Your “A” Game - June 5.

Champion Circle Mentorship

Queens of the Greens Ladies School - May 11 Click Here

Host a Breakthrough to Your A Game workshop at your club Click Here

Great Start Girls Golf Bootcamp – Aug. 25

Fall Workshops in Raleigh:

Mental Toughness 101 Bootcamp for Juniors Par 4 Success

Coaching Kids to Greatness Par 4 Success


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